Contributor Bro Ed Becker (Ex-Student, Old Boy and Patron)


On 6th December, 1942, St Bernard’s College put on an outstanding performance of HMS Pinafore in the Embassy Theatre, Katoomba.

The Cast (Details kindly provided by Br William Shaw, District Archives)

  • John Madigan Captain Corkeran
  • Tom Porter Ralph
  • John Swadling Josephine
  • Peter Westoff Dick Deadeye
  • Barry Ford Buttercup
  • Keith Buckman Hebe
  • Don (CAFDD) Foy Boatswain
  • Colin Bradshaw Sailor
  • Ron Martine Sailor
  • L. Feain Sailor

    Br Michael was director/conductor and Br Mark was the producer. A number of Katoomba mothers and others must have helped with the costumes and make-up and stage settings etc. The costumes were probably hired from Buttonhole.

    I was there as a very appreciative member of the audience, clapping madly and marvelling how those guys I knew so well could be turning on the show they were.

    But I was also sitting alongside my mother and being asked why I wasn’t up there with the others ?!

    Contributor John Walker (ex-Student and Old Boy)

    I too rememberthe Christmas concert of 1942.

    It was Brother Mark’s production of HMS Pinafore which was well up to the standard of any school production anywhere. It was put on at the Embassy picture theatre, which had one of the few stages in Katoomba. It really put the College into the face of the Katoomba community.

    A similar production ‘Iolanthe’ was planned for 1943 but had to be aborted. The powers above thought too much time was spent rehearsing to the detriment of study time. I cannot recall the 1943 concert.

    I do recall the “Yankee Doodle Dandy” number from the 1944 Christmas show. My last year at the college. I remember my father raised Brother Patrick’s eyebrows more than somewhat by telling him the number would have done credit to the Tivoli stage. Does anyone remember the old Tiv?


    On 3rd December, 1965, St Bernard’s College put on a no less outstanding performance of HMS Pinafore in the Katoomba High School Auditorium, Katoomba.

    The Cast (Again, details kindly provided by Br William Shaw, District Archives)

  • Keiran McVeigh Sir Joseph Porter
  • Colin O'Dell Captain Corcoran
  • Hans Drielsma Ralph Rackshaw
  • Miss Beverley Halls (Mt St Marys) Josephine
  • Greg Fitness Dick Deadeye
  • Kevin Scott Buttercup
  • Philip Ryan Mate
  • Gerard McVeigh Boatswain
  • Greg Woodman Midshipman
  • John Lavis Sailor
  • William Ward Sailor
  • Gary Tobin Sailor
  • Peter Gehle Sailor
  • Patrick Madigan Sailor
  • Paul Kelly Sailor
  • Anthony Kuypers Sailor
  • Alan Cullen Sailor
  • Stephen Mackie Sailor
  • Simon Begley Sailor

    Sir Joseph's sisters, cousins and aunts were played by :-

    David O'Grady; Jerome Kuypers; Robert Mackenzie; Mark Donohoe; Stephen Ciok; Michael Cleary; Noel McVeigh; William Browne; Stephen Talbot; Peter Lavis; Hector McDonald; Michael Gormly; Desmond Brennan; Bradley Moore and Danny Monk.

    Produced by Mr McVeigh and Rev Father Hay. Musical Direction by Mr McVeigh. Stage Manager Rev Br Dominic


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