GLORIOUS BONFIRES - Contributor Frank Young (ex-Student and Old Boy)

When St Bernard’s was planning the extension at Clairvaux the builders discovered a lot of rock where the foundations were to be put. They approached the local Council and asked if they could borrow some generators as after the war there was a shortage of everything. The generators had no electronic parts and needed muscle to get them going. So the boys were commandeered to turn the wheel until a promising sound emerged and then the adults with more muscle took over and started the engine proper.

There were a lot of trees on the site that had to be removed. The Brothers had an old bulldozer which was used to push over the offending material. The boys were not allowed to use axes or saws. The Brothers did those jobs. The boys contribution was to gather up the material and put into large heaps.

We had a lot of beaut bonfires.

Clauirvaux was a beautiful site.

ST BERNARD'S WAR CRIES Versions 1 and 2 - Contributor Frank Young (ex-Student and Old Boy)

The first one was passed on to Frank by another Old Boy and the second one used in Frank’s days at the College.

Zoomatika, zoomatika tonga.
Dullabvurra, dulaburra, rah, rah, rah.
Tica, tonga, toonga, kara, kara.
Bumba, bumerak, ha, ha, ha.
Zoomina, boomina, goomina, lumina.
College, college, rah, rah, rah.

H-I, H-I chickeri, reenie.
Boom, bom, beeny.
Catta, catta, whiskers.
Whisker, veenie.
Antro, pokawokka.
Nicka, nacka, wollogee.

Version 3

Frank Young’s recollections gave rise to the following, recalled by (ex) Bro Anthony.

Domma tika dom domma tika.
Dom domma tika tika tika.
Tika dom dom.
Who are we, who are we?
We are the boys from S-B-C.
Sola nobilitas virtus est.
College college do your best.

Versions 4 and 5 - Contributor Weston Liao (ex-Student and Old Boy)

Cardinal, cardinal, green & gold;
Cardinal, cardinal green & gold.
College, C O L L E G E, college.

Zoomatic, zoomatic,cruewonkarwe;
Boomatic, boomatic who are we?
Sola nobilitas virtus est;
College, college do your best.
C O L L E G E, college.